Amount of brokerage fees

The parties can agree on the brokerage fee and an additional fee.
There is no limitation on the amount of the brokerage fee if the parties have agreed in writing.
In so far as the parties have not agreed on the amount of the brokerage fees, the principle of “wealth-making and not a trial,” which originates in Section 46 of the Contracts Law, states:

A charge to pay for an asset or service that has not been agreed upon must be held in payment of an amount worth paying according to the circumstances at the time of the contract being signed.
According to this principle, the agent will be required to prove the fair salary that the customer must pay him because “the exhumer of his friend has the evidence.”

Another source of the accepted norm is also the expense usually known for the deduction when determining the amount of praise, which is up to 2% of the consideration:

“A brokerage fee paid by the seller in connection with the sale of the right to property, but no more than 2% of the proceeds he received for them unless the manager in connection with the special transaction circumstances explained to him was convinced that higher brokerage fees were paid.”

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