Alternate tenant or sub-tenant

While the landlord is given the privilege of selling his apartment during the rental period, without the need to obtain the tenant’s consent, the tenant does not have such an option. In case he wants to rent the apartment to a sub-tenant, or wants to bring in an alternative tenant in his place, he must get the landlord’s consent to this move.

But the landlord cannot refuse this for arbitrary or unreasonable reasons. In case the landlord really is not practical, the law allowed him to sublet the apartment or even bring in an alternative tenant in his place.
And in the language of section 22 (a) of the Rent Law:

“The tenant may not transfer the right to hold and use the apartment as well as his other obligations under the lease or sublease the tenant, except with the consent of the landlord. However, if the landlord did not agree to the transaction for unreasonable reasons or conditioned his consent on unreasonable conditions, the tenant will be entitled to make the transaction without the landlord’s consent. “

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