Addresses of the parties for contract purposes

The addresses will be used by the parties in cases where it will be required under the provisions of the agreement to inform in writing on whatever issue as well as for the purpose of transferring the registration documents.
It is very important to register an up-to-date and active address while giving priority to registering the address of the representing lawyer, as in some cases this address will be used as an address for the production of court documents.

Regulation 483 (a) of the Civil Procedure Regulations 1984 refers to this matter and states that: “If the claim was in the matter of real estate, any court writ that could not be produced for the recipient himself, it was sufficient to present it to his authorized person in charge of real estate”).

In many instances, and especially if one of the parties is a resident abroad and it is difficult to produce court documents, the court will recognize the address of the lawyer who represented him in the sale transaction as a sufficient address for the production of court documents, even in cases where the power of attorney given to a specific lawyer was for the sale transaction only and does not apply to representation in court.

The test according to which the court will determine whether the lawyer’s address is lawful is the connection between the lawyer representing the client and the chance that the latter will deliver the court’s documents to the client.

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