Actions justifying exclusivity

The law stipulates that a property agent can agree with a seller on exclusivity.
In such a case, the agent would be a brokerage fee even if there was no adequate cause.

(1) The customer will approve the matter of exclusivity in a separate form, and the agent will undertake the actions to sell the apartment.

(2) The exclusivity period will not exceed six months, and if the parties have not explicitly agreed in writing the exclusivity period, it will end after 30 days.

(3) During the exclusivity period, the agent will perform at least two actions from the following list, as detailed in the regulations:

1. Advertising by signage.
2. advertising to the agent clientele.
3. Publication in the newspaper.
4. ordering potential buyers or other agents.
5. Cooperation with five agents.
6. Additional actions as agreed between the parties in the same exclusivity form.

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