Actions communed for lawyers only

An agent who intervenes in the drafting of a legal document in the brokerage transaction also violates the prohibition on carrying out actions, which were the only communion for lawyers, including :

(1) representing another person and any other action on his behalf before the Land Registry Office; Before the clerk authorized for the poor by the Joint Houses Law, 1952; before the Director for the Poor Y. Estate Tax Law, 1949.

(2) drafting documents of a legal nature for another person, including representing another person in legal negotiations in preparation for editing such a document.

(3) Legal advice and opinions.
The court also ruled that the court must carry out the legislature’s intention to ingrain desirable norms and implement the legislative purpose.

Given the essence of a property transaction, which involves a substantial financial investment and may provoke serious legal disputes, The legislature has explicitly authorized the editing of a legal document and even assistance in drafting it for lawyers.

To ensure the cleanliness of the transaction from counter-interests, the specific prohibition in Section12 of the Realtors Law will not be prohibited by Section 96 of the Bar Association Law, which forbids non-lawyers from taking actions that are unique to a lawyer.” ,

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