A prospect shown by a Realtor

Can a marketer of a residential project realtor show a prospect of an apartment?

A district court ruling discussed a case where a real estate project seller showed the client an apartment prospect, But then the contractor and the customer signed a binding contract.
Of course, the apartment in the sale contract was different from the apartment in Prospect.

This matter is problematic; the District Court ruled that the buyer’s lawyer should have reviewed the case, and The court imposed the responsibility on the buyer’s lawyer.

The ruling dealt with a claim by a purchaser of an apartment in a project that was marketed in 2013 by two companies controlled by Tshuva, Elad Israel Residences, and A.M.T.S. Investments.

In 2014, the purchaser contacted the project’s sales office for offers to purchase an apartment for her family.

She requested that all the air directions in the apartment and the transparent walls look out over the view and that the view not be hidden by nearby buildings.

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