A Lawyer who Causes Damage to the Client

Buying an apartment in Israel - A Lawyer who Causes Damage to the Client

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Not every failure of a lawyer will win a client’s compensation.
Despite the lawyer’s extensive obligations to the client, not every mistake will lead to the compensation of the former, but only a failure or error or action that amounts to negligence will entitle the client to settle for the damage that will be caused.

A lawyer owes a duty of carefulness and the exercise of reasonable skill in handling his client’s matters in counseling, representation in any way.

Of course, the extent of these is excellent, if not decisive, yet not every failure of a lawyer will be perceived as a breach of duty, for despite the imposition of these duties, which are pretty broad, it is still recognized that the doctrine of law was not given to the guardian angels; They, too, may err in judgment.
Such a mistake does not deem a lawyer to be negligent.

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