A Lawyer is not Allowed to Threaten

Buying an apartment in Israel - A Lawyer is not Allowed to Threaten

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A lawyer will not make threats against the other party, and he must not threaten anyone else.
It has been determined that it is not appropriate for the legal profession to use the aura of a lawyer to instill in the heart of an opposing citizen the anxiety of criminal punishment and try to exercise the rights of his client to enforce the law established civil ways.

But suppose the lawyer wants to deter the opposing party.
In that case, he may specify the measures his client will take to exercise his rights, and he may also draw the opposing party’s attention to the provisions of any law.

In other words, a lawyer can turn to the opposing party and ‘threaten’ him that the client will take legal action, such as filing a lawsuit.

But of course, it is forbidden to threaten in a criminal matter, such as threatening that the customer will file a complaint with the police, which can amount to extortion, which is a criminal offense.

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