When is the renter allowed to enter the apartment

The law sets out the reasons why a tenant must allow the landlord to enter the apartment.
These are charges that limit the tenant’s rights under section 11 of the Rent Law to obligate the landlord not to interfere with him enjoying the apartment.

The landlord’s permission to enter the apartment was of course withdrawn from the provisions of the lease.
The first reason that allows the landlord to enter the apartment is of course when the landlord is required to correct a defect or non-conformity that the tenant himself has warned about (section 7 of the Rent Act).

In addition, the landlord can enter the apartment at any reasonable time, to inspect the apartment and make repairs to it provided he has given the tenant notice.
And provided the visit is made with as little interruption as possible.

Otherwise, it will be considered a breach of the lease and even overstepping a boundary for all that this implies. The wording of section 17 of the Rent Law: “The tenant must allow the landlord, at any reasonable time, to inspect the apartment and make repairs, provided that the landlord notifies him of this a reasonable time in advance and minimizes interference with the tenant.”

In order to clarify this point, I will note that the landlord is not limited to repairing defects or inconsistencies but may make any repairs necessary to maintain the integrity of the apartment.
For example, routine periodic maintenance of electrical appliances or other systems.

And some would say that it is this section that gives the landlord the right to enter the apartment together with future tenants, or potential buyers of the apartment but in my opinion, it is doubtful whether this provision is appropriate in this matter or section 21.

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