What’s not included in the rental fee

We have seen what is included, or what is allowed to be included, in the rent.
At the same time, there are expenses that should not be imposed on the tenant, expenses related to the purchase or upgrade of permanent systems or facilities that serve the apartment.
However, in the event that the tenant has requested special adjustments or improvements, such as installing nets in the doorways of the apartment, the landlord may require the tenant to bear these costs.

In addition, the landlord alone will bear the costs related to ensuring the structure of the apartment.
The explanatory memorandum states that he is the one who will benefit from the insurance premiums in the event of a disaster, and therefore only the payment of insurance premiums should be imposed on him.

Similarly, the landlord is not allowed to impose on the tenant the brokerage fees he owes, his lawyer’s fees, and other payments he owes to someone else.

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