What is included in the rented apartment

Today more than ever an apartment is much more than a box in which to live, with four walls and a roof. According to the Lease Act: “The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the lease of real estate and movables, and, with the obligatory changes – also on the lease of rights.

“Each apartment is accompanied by many and varied rights as well as many and varied charges.”
Thus, the ‘holder’ of an apartment is entitled to the benefits offered by the same neighborhood and the same city with regard to registration for kindergartens, schools, and more.

These are simple and ordinary topics. But what about eligibility for a subscription to the neighborhood ‘Country’? What about activities in such and other clubs? What about the many and varied services provided by management companies in multi-building and apartment projects in exchange for raising funds for various needs such as cleaning, renovation fund, and more? Therefore, renting an apartment should be treated as renting real estate and movables in addition to renting rights.

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