Type of use of the apartment by the renter

Sometimes a user rents a rented apartment for the purposes of his business as well.
Such as if the tenant was a freelancer or the tenant was a beautician, psychologist, doctor, or lawyer.
Usually, the tenant hopes that the landlord will not ‘catch him’.

To the extent that the tenant makes additional use in a reasonable manner and does not harm the apartment, as long as it is not explicitly stated in the lease that these are prohibited, the additional use is permissible because it is considered a condition that the landlord agrees to this.
And even more so because the tenant is allowed to put a small sign with the name and profession of the tenant.

Section 16 of the Lease Act provides: “The renter shall not use the apartment except as agreed; however if this use is not conditioned as a unique use, he may use the apartment for other use, provided there is no harm to the apartment or inconvenience to the landlord than agreed.”

It is interesting to note that the legislature chose in this matter to go towards the tenant.
After all, the legislature has already determined in section 3 of the Lease Law that provisions that are not in the lease contract will be carried out in accordance with the practice.
And in this matter the legislature determined what that ‘practice’ is.
And in case it is not clear, then of course the condition is that the additional use is permissible and legal.

In cases where it is written in the lease ‘the tenant will use the apartment solely for residential purposes and not for any other purpose’, the tenant is not allowed to make further use of the apartment and the landlord can even demand an increase in the rent in these cases.

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