The tools in the renter’s hand

What will a tenant do if the landlord interferes with his use of the apartment?
The tenant has several options, as in any breach of contract.

• The tenant can cancel the contract whether on the grounds of a fundamental breach or a regular breach that has not been rectified despite notice.
• The tenant can claim compensation even without proof of damage, according to section 11 (a) of the Remedies Contracts Law, which states that the landlord is liable to provide property or service and the contract is canceled due to the breach. The injured party is entitled, without proof of damage, to compensation in the amount of the difference between the consideration for the property or service under the contract and values on the day the contract is canceled. ”
• He can apply to a court for an order of enforcement of the contract and even for a reduction of rent if the disturbance amounts to a defect or even set-off.

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