The three situations that prevent proper use of the apartment

The law does not have a good and detailed definition of what a defect is.
The law defines a defect as “anything that causes a real disturbance to the normal use of the apartment as agreed between him and the tenant.”

On the negative side it can be said that in any case, this is not a minor defect that the tenant must correct. You can point to three situations that prevent the tenant from using the apartment:

• Defect in the apartment itself (section 7 of the Rent Law).
• Interruption of the use of the apartment by the landlord himself (section 11 of the Rent Law).
• Exceptional cases in which the landlord cannot prevent or correct the defects (section 10 and section 15 of the Lease Act).

Only in exceptional cases involving essential defects can a full exemption from the payment of rent for a limited period be considered. Not so with the first and second situations.

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