The Significance of signing an Agreement

Readers may have understood from the spirit of things so far that excuses they did not understand what they signed, who did not read the fine print, that they are not proficient in the Hebrew language, will not help them. After all, the parties’ signature on the contract is binding. In case of dispute, the court will examine the issue in an objective test of the reasonable person and not necessarily of the parties signing the contract. The reasonable person is an imaginary figure (some say mythological), representing the behaviors and moral values accepted by the public.

In practice, the reasonable person is, without choice, the court.
The court is used here for a reasonable person.
In the name of the reasonable person, he determines the proper ways of behaving and binding moral values.

My experience has taught me that the disappointment of the parties is precisely when it comes to the little things that accompany the lease.
And precisely on the part of the tenants. Sometimes the contract states that the apartment will be handed over without cleaning and / or painting, while the tenants were under the impression that the landlord would clean and paint the apartment.
Or the tenants were under the impression that the landlord would take responsibility for making repairs far beyond what the parties agreed to in the contract.

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