The right granted

The Rent Law defines the nature of the rent as the tenant’s right to use the apartment in exchange for rent. Section 1 of the Rent Law stipulates that “Rent is a right granted in consideration (hereinafter – rent), to own the property and use it not permanently.”

The emphasis is on the right to use and enjoy the apartment, and not the property in it.
This definition is important so that each party knows what is expected of him.
The landlord must ensure that the tenant can enjoy the use of the apartment in accordance with the lease. And the tenant must of course pay rent and maintain the physical condition of the apartment.

It is worth noting that the component of the ‘consideration’, ie the rent, is the main component that distinguishes between rent and lending.
In Hebrew law, rent is a sale for all intents and purposes. Maimonides rules that “… the lease is a one-day sale.”

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