The renter returns and the renter doesn’t get

As long as the tenant has not actively acted and returned possession to the landlord, he should not expect the landlord to take the initiative and take possession of the property and the tenant will continue to be considered a tenant for all intents and purposes.

Although Lerner proposed to make a comparison between handing over the apartment and returning it, in such a way that the apartment will be available to the landlord at the end of the lease period to release the tenant’s obligation regarding the return of the apartment, as stated it is risky because of lack of understanding the landlord may be considered a squatter.

There is no doubt that in the event that the tenant has expressed his desire to return the possession to the landlord, while the landlord does not cooperate, then the tenant has gone out of his way to make the apartment available to the landlord.

Suppose he hands over the keys to the apartment in the mailbox of the landlord’s house.
Because the return of possession in the apartment is not a matter of combined charges of the tenant and the employee, but independent obligation for each of them.

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