The importance of security

The purpose of the guarantee is to ensure compliance with the provisions of the lease agreement by the tenant more easily.
The emphasis is on the words ‘more easily’.
Or alternatively, he will of course receive compensation in the event of the provisions of the tenancy agreement by the tenant.
Additional definitions can be given.
Securities are a means for the landlord to serve as a rapid or alternative self-remedy to recover from damages caused by the tenant or to reduce the risk to which he is exposed towards the tenant.

The purpose of the collateral is not to enrich the landlord beyond what he deserves, and the purpose of the collateral is not to deceive the tenant.
Nor does the collateral have the power to guarantee one hundred percent that the tenant will abide by the provisions of the lease.

I learned that indirect collateral actually helps the tenant in that the tenant understands that even if he hates the landlord, which happens quite a bit, the tenant will think twice about whether to breach the tenancy agreement as he has a liability to his brother or father-in-law as an example, who signed a bond in his favor.
And a breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant will also complicate his brother or father-in-law.

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