The importance of requiring repair of the defect

The landlord must repair a defect only after the tenant has positively approached the landlord to ask him to repair the defect.
And only if the landlord does not repair the defect within a reasonable time, will the landlord be considered in breach of the lease agreement.
This matter is important.

We will take a case where a landlord sues a tenant for non-payment of rent, or then the tenant proves that the apartment is ruined and almost uninhabitable and even the landlord knew about it.
After all, his defense will not be heard until he proves that he turned positively to the landlord to correct these defects.

Moreover, the tenant should allow the landlord to enter the apartment and correct the defect for all that this entails, including causing dirt and dust.
Because many times there is a defect, which the landlord will be happy to fix, but the tenant regrets and is not happy that it will be repaired because of the dirt and dust.
For example, a crack in a wall or a peeling wall.
The repair is simple but will cause dust throughout the apartment. Many times, the tenant will prefer to stay with the defect in these circumstances.

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