The Burden of Persuasion in Quasi-criminal Acts

And more in the law of evidence.
Sometimes parties to a conflict tend to add a dramatic touch to the other party’s behavior in order to intensify their negative behavior. And this is of course a mistake.

Suppose a tenant claims that a landlord has breached the lease and acted in violation of the law and prevented the tenant from using the apartment, contrary to section 11 of the Tenancy Act which provides: But to add drama he claims that the landlord acted while attaining a boundary and harassment towards the tenant and other acts which may appear criminal.

In doing so, the plaintiff is failing himself, since attributed to a person behavior that involves a lack of integrity, deception or a lie requires the presentation of credible and weighty evidence.
The burden of proof in them is heavier. They require a level of proof that corresponds in weight to the severity of the alleged claim.
And he merely had to prove that the defendant had breached the agreement with him.

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