The bona fide principle of renter requirements

The conclusion so to give weight to the interests of the tenant. He is the victim of the landlord’s conduct as the landlord violates the lease.
And yet he must choose the alternative in good faith, as is his duty under section 39 of the Contracts Act.
And under section 4 of the Lease Act which provides that a charge arising out of a lease must be performed in an acceptable manner and in good faith; And the same is true of the use of the right arising from the contract.

A choice that results in unreasonable harm to the perpetrator of the damage is not a good faith choice.
An injured party who seeks to impose considerable financial expenses on the perpetrator of the damage without any special justification, acts out of disregard of the interest of the perpetrator of the damage.
His action is in bad faith.

In the margins, I will note that perhaps because of a tenant’s charge to act in an acceptable and good-faith manner, there are those who believe that it is incumbent upon them to ‘handle’ minor repairs on their own.

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