Situations in which the evening commits

There may be situations in which the guarantor finds himself required to repay the debt, without being able to force the tenant himself to pay.
For example, if the tenant is found to be ‘legally unfit’, this does not affect the liability of the guarantors towards the landlord (see section 17 of the Guarantee Law).
Or if the tenant goes bankrupt and then receives an exemption, his previous debts are written off for him, but not with the guarantors, they will continue to owe to the landlord (see section 69 (c) as well as section 34 (d) of the Bankruptcy Ordinance.)

More common cases are when parents sign a guarantee for their child and their spouse and then it is not pleasant for them to complicate their children in the matter.
Or if their child is divorced, dies, or moves abroad in all those situations it will be difficult for the guarantor to practically is reimbursed by the tenant.

In this regard, I will add that the guarantor has inferiority towards the landlord when it comes to bringing evidence.
Because many times tenants have proof or evidence through which the guarantor can defend himself, but the tenants do not cooperate, leaving the guarantor alone at the forefront.

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