Restoring security

Of course, the lease contains a clause regarding the date and manner in which the landlord must return the collateral to the tenant.
The king’s way is to return the collateral at the same time as returning the possession of the apartment from the tenant to the landlord.

I usually recommend to tenants to insist that the collateral be returned on that date, even if in the lease there is a possibility for the landlord to return the collateral at a later stage.
And for a number of reasons, not necessarily to the disadvantage of the landlord.

First, there is a tendency for landlords not to rush to repay the collateral on time, even if they are obligated to do so under the lease.

Second, during the return of the apartment from the landlord’s possession to the tenant’s meters can be read and transferred from the tenant to the landlord.
It seems to me that today there is no longer a condition for statutory bodies to restrict the transfer of the meter due to non-repayment of debt as long as they have been properly informed that the tenant owns the apartment for a period exceeding 12 months, so there’s no reason to delay the return of the securities.

In addition, the return of possession is the most appropriate time for both parties in a joint protocol to go through all the parts of the apartment, check that everything is in order, and confirm the situation correctly.
Otherwise, it is possible that a new tenant will enter the apartment arguments will begin regarding the existence of defects in the apartment, and so on.

The law itself restricts the return of collateral, with its profits, for a period not to exceed sixty days. And I think this is too long a period.

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