Responsibility of the Parties for Breaches of The Lease

How do you keep a contract in general and how do you keep it in good faith in particular?
Many times, when one party violates the lease, it also leads the other party to breach the lease.
These actions can result from incorrect intuition or unprofessional advice.

For example, a landlord who does not repair a leak in the plumbing may cause the tenant to stop paying rent until the leak is repaired.
Here it is possible that both parties will be considered in breach of the lease agreement.
The fact that the landlord first violated the lease agreement does not allow the tenant to punish the landlord and take the law into his own hands by not paying the rent.

Both parties must act in good faith and in an acceptable manner.
The injured party must understand that he must take extra care in a proportionate and restrained manner.
He should get advice before deciding how to respond to the other party’s violation.

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