Renter’s medication in case of discrepancy

In case of non-compliance, the tenant is entitled to a wide range of remedies which includes enforcement, cancellation of the contract, and various financial remedies.
It should be borne in mind that the law is lenient with the tenant who is not at all required to prove the element of guilt on the part of the landlord, and he hardly has to prove the element of reliance on his part.

The options in the hands of the tenant are, among other things, to correct the non-compliance on his own or “reduce the rent, as long as the defect or non-conformity has not been rectified, according to the ratio in which the rental value has decreased due to the defect or non-conformity.”

The remedies available to the tenant are the usual remedies for breach of contract.
I do not intend to elaborate on this matter here, but only to draw the attention of the readers to the following special instructions to restrict the tenant’s remedies; meaning that he was not entitled to the remedy if he did not report to the landlord the existence of the non-conformity a reasonable time after discovering it or after a reasonable time that he should have discovered it or did not give the landlord an adequate opportunity to rectify the non-conformity.

The tenant cannot rely on the non-compliance if he knew about it.
All of these are subject to the condition that even if the tenant does not fulfill his obligations regarding his obligation to notify the landlord of the non-compliance or he was unable to correct the non-compliance, etc., the tenant can still be reimbursed by the landlord for non-compliance “…

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