Renter’s duty

Under section 11 of the Tenancy Act, the landlord must allow the tenant to use the apartment without interruption on his part or on his behalf.

This conclusion could have been reached without an explicit provision in the law, even on the part of the principle of good faith.
And even in the old ruling, it was stated that a landlord undertakes not to disturb the tenant.
It can also be argued that it is the general duty of the landlord to ensure that the tenant can use and enjoy the apartment, or at least not interfere with or limit the tenant.
And also, on the part of the tort of negligence, since the landlord has an obligation to prevent damage to the tenant which may be caused by third-party disturbances.
It follows that the tenant has a positive obligation to act so that the tenant will not be disturbed in the use of the apartment.

With all this, the legislature found it appropriate to give a specific and separate provision, and emphasized this matter, because he saw the importance since the use and enjoyment of the apartment is the basis of the rental agreement and for that the tenant pays rent.

This is to prevent situations in which the landlord performs acts that cause his personal benefit at the expense of the tenant’s enjoyment or those whose meanings cannot be accurately determined except a general feeling that the tenant is unhappy and suffers from the actions of the landlord who is familiar with the neighbors and the house committee more than him.

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