Reducing rents until repaired

The tenant is faced with another alternative of reducing the rent until the defect is repaired by the landlord. This alternative is dramatic and dangerous for several reasons.

First, it is difficult to estimate the amount the tenant is allowed to deduct from the rent.
Second, it is possible that in the event that it is determined that the tenant has reduced the amount too much, then he will inevitably be considered to have violated the lease agreement.

Reducing rent serves as a shield rather than a sword.
And the last reason is practical, that there is nothing that will upset the landlord more than a tenant who voluntarily reduces the rent.
But just as this alternative is dangerous for the tenant, so it is of course effective.
Because of course there is nothing more stressful and getting the landlord to make repairs to the apartment than a ‘threat’ from the tenant that he intends to reduce the rent.

In this matter, it will be noted that it is not clear to me whether the tenant must give prior notice to the landlord that he intends to reduce the rent, or whether he may do so without prior notice.
Of course, the tenant would do well to act beyond the duty of the law and update the landlord in advance on this matter.

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