Misrepresentation by mistake and in good faith

A person must not declare that his apartment is built according to law and there are no construction anomalies when the declaration does not stand the test of reality.
Do not allow a person to confirm that an animal can be raised in an apartment or smoke in an apartment when it turns out that this is against the rules of the common house.

For this is deception in good faith, which may give the tenant the possibility to file a request for cancellation of the contract or a request for compensation and the like.
A misrepresentation in good faith is not necessarily an idle assurance but anything related to conduct, even inclusion, or ignorance of the law, which may create a discrepancy toward expectations from the rented apartment.

It is not for nothing that the legislature found it appropriate to give a break to the landlord regarding a defect that the landlord did not know about and could not have known about, but did not give protection to the landlord with regard to non-compliance.

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