Minimum details in lease

A lease must be made in writing, specifying basic details which are detailed below. As long as these details are missing, this will remain at the landlord’s door; the court would consider this a defect on the part of the landlord, according to what we have advanced as to the purpose of the law.
And these are the essential details:

(1) the address of the rented apartment;
(2) the names of the parties to the contract, their ID numbers, and their address;
(3) a description of the rented apartment, the furniture and accessories therein, including a description of the parts of the common property adjacent to the apartment, which was rented;
(4) the period of the lease, the existence of a choice to extend the period and the conditions of such selection, and the existence of a right to cancel the contract and the terms of the cancellation;
(5) the rent, the date of its payment, and the method of payment;
(6) additional payments applicable to the renter other than rent, if any, and their amount;
(7) A defect in the rented apartment that is not trivial, known to the landlord at the time of concluding the contract, and anything else in the rented apartment or its surroundings or property used by it that causes or may cause actual disruption to use of the rented apartment.

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