Inability to use the apartment

There are three cases in which the tenant during the lease period will not be able to use the apartment in accordance with the lease agreement, despite his desire to do so.

Defects in the apartment are what prevent the tenant from using the apartment.
Section 7 of the Rent Act provides that the landlord must repair defects in the apartment).

Disruptions on the part of the landlord.
Section 11 of the Lease Act provides “the landlord must allow the renter to use the apartment for the duration of the lease as agreed between the parties without interruption on his part or on his behalf.”

Strong and external forces do not allow the tenant to enjoy the apartment.
In this case, the landlord is unable to overcome these powerful forces.
See section 10 in conjunction with section 15 of the Rent and Lending Act which also applies to these cases.

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