I recommended to renters on discrepancy

I tend to examine relationships between tenant and landlord by questioning who has the upper hand.
While in the current state of the real estate market in Israel the landlord’s hand has the upper hand at the time of signing the lease, at the time of handing over the apartment the landlord has the lower hand by far.

Therefore, it would be good for the landlord to make an effort to be precise and detailed in the matter of the adjustment in the lease, and even to indicate defects in the apartment even if he is not sure that these will be considered defects.
Therefore, the landlord would do well to make an effort to ensure that the apartment is handed over to the tenant in accordance with what the parties to the lease agreement have agreed.

Furthermore, it is recommended that the landlord give emphasis and make sure that the tenant confirms in writing that he has received the possession of the apartment to his satisfaction and in accordance with what was agreed in the lease agreement. Otherwise, the landlords are at a disadvantage in this matter.

It is advisable for the landlord to hurry up and correct any inconsistencies that, exist at the time of delivery of the possession, compared to those that will occur during the lease period.
The law became more stringent for a landlord who handed over an apartment when the kitchen faucet was leaking or when the air conditioner was not working properly or when one of the rooms was not rainproof or the electric curtain was broken or the landlord did not vacate the storehouse.
This is in contrast to another situation where the defect occurs during the lease period, all as will be explained below.

And what do you think is more serious? What should a landlord invest resources in (time and money and attention) for repairs and adjustments in case of non-compliance or defect? A prudent tenant and careful landlord will understand and internalize the differences between ‘non-compliance’ and ‘defect’ and thus be able to weigh their steps and save themselves from inconveniences.
The landlord would do well to make a delivery protocol for the apartment.
This matter is also good for the purpose of returning the apartment to the tenant.

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