Gray areas known as discrepancy

Israeli law does not refer to a case in which a device ceased to operate already in the first days of holding the apartment, which indicates non-compliance.
So, if rain penetrates the walls already in the first rain there is no presumption that it is a mismatch.

Thus, there is no legal answer to a situation in which the landlord knew of a non-compliance but the tenant did not report it to the landlord.
According to the reading of the provisions of the law, it is not clear whether the tenant can subsequently claim that this is a ‘non-compliance’ or whether the tenant waived this claim and accepted it.

And what about the case where the landlord is interested in correcting a significant discrepancy, but the tenant for his part is not interested in it but prefers to cancel the lease agreement? Although it is possible that the tenant can cancel the lease due to a fundamental breach of the landlord, even without giving the landlord an opportunity to correct the non-compliance.

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