Give a legal advantage

It is known from the Talmudic rule that ‘the one who challenges his friend must provide the evidence’. Therefore, in case the money is in the landlord’s pocket as security, it will be difficult for the tenant to get the money he deserves. The burden of proof is on him, to prove that the funds are due to him.

It is a matter of the burden of proof or whether the duty of persuasion and the duty to bring evidence vary from trial to trial.
In civil law / civil lawsuit, the burden of proof rests on the claimant, and he must convince both of the validity of his claim and bring admissible evidence in court and credibility to his claims, and bring proof of his claim with a probability level of 51%.

In criminal law, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, at a conviction level of about 75%.
In Hebrew law on financial matters, the rule is that ‘the one who challenges his friend must provide the evidence’ which in my opinion is higher than the balance of probabilities but lower than the proof of beyond a reasonable doubt.

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