Fixing a flaw is not necessarily a breach of contract

The landlord must repair defects that exist or have formed in the apartment over time.
Even if they did not occur due to the actions or omissions of the landlord.
And does not mean that the very occurrence of the defect is proof of the landlord violating the provisions of the tenancy agreement.
After all, there are flaws that are only natural that will occur over time.
And the fact that the landlord repairs them does not necessarily mean that he admits to violating the lease agreement and therefore decided to carry out the repair of the defects.

The Knesset’s statement on the rental bill states that this provision is intended to amend section 529 of ‘Mag’illah’ because “the landlord must correct the things that deprive him of the proper enjoyment …. and if the landlord refused to do all this, the tenant may leave the house …”

For this reason, the mere discovery of a defect by the tenant does not allow him to suspend or reduce the rent or deduct it from the rent until the defect is repaired.

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