Exceptional cases of non-payment of rent

In the event that the tenant has reduced the rent, the landlord for his part will see this as a unilateral action on the part of the tenant.
But once legal proceedings have begun the landlord will argue that they should not be prejudiced by the cumulative fine incurred by the tenant for non-payment of rent.
In such a case, it is possible that there is no longer a delay during the execution of the contract but rather a deliberate delay in payment due to ongoing legal proceedings.
However, there seems to be room for an exception to this rule when the main responsibility for the continuation and existence of the proceedings lies in the conduct of one party to the contract.

Let us take another exceptional example, a case of non-payment of rent following the bankruptcy of the tenant. There is a special provision in bankruptcy law that out of the fund of the bankrupt, the landlord is entitled to a maximum rent of 12 months.
The law also prescribes priority in the law for “rent of one year, at most, before the day of the announcement, which is due to the landlord for houses and land that the bankrupt has rented.”

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