Discrepancy according to fair rent

The landlord must give the tenant a suitable dwelling.
To the extent that the apartment does not meet the basic standard of a residential apartment, or is an apartment that is unfit for habitation, this is also a mismatch. And as a result, the landlord will be deemed to be in breach of the lease

According to the First Schedule to the Rent Law, an apartment is uninhabitable if one of the following exists:

(1) it does not include a drainage system, including a system for the regular disposal of sewage and sewage;
(2) it does not include an electrical system or a lighting system;
(3) it does not have ventilation openings and natural lighting as well as doors and windows for closing these openings, including the main entrance door with a means of locking;
(4) it does not include a drinking water supply system;
(5) it does not include a partition between the bathroom and the apartment;
(6) It has an unreasonable risk to the safety of the tenant or his health. “

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