Deduction or reduction in rents

The law tends to reduce options for ‘self-judgment’, not only here but also in other laws, perhaps thinking that these actions usually deepen disputes instead of reducing them, perhaps thinking that repairs made by a landlord will be less expensive than if we let the tenant make repairs on Landlord account.

Deduction or reduction of the rent, in case they do have to be deducted or reduced, is similar to a partial cancellation of the contract.
After all, the value of an apartment with defects is lower, and therefore you will receive a lower rent, so apparently, this is not a punishment for the landlord and he is not harmed by it at all.
And of course, the question is how much money is the tenant supposed to deduct from the rent in such a case?

When it comes to purchasing a defective property, the answer is simpler and the accepted method is the relative method when it comes to renting, the answer is more complicated.
This is despite an explicit provision in the law that in the event of a repair required due to a nonconformity or defect, the tenant can reduce the rent “(2) as long as the defect or non-conformity has not been repaired, according to the ratio in which the rental value decreased due to the defect or non-conformity as opposed to its value according to the contract. ”

It should be noted that the tenant may also reduce the rent retroactively after the defect or non-conformity has been rectified.
This matter is important because there may be cases where the tenant is not interested in creating tensions and disagreements with the landlord, but once the parties’ relationship has run aground, the tenant will want to go back and reduce the rent for that period when the defect or non-conformity has not been rectified.

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