Contract changes without notifying tonight

Many times, the guarantors resent that they signed a letter of guarantee in favor of the tenant many years ago, and since then the landlord and tenant have signed extensions and even changes in the contract, and the guarantors have remained indebted to the landlord despite the years and many changes agreed upon. This matter is possible.

Although the law stipulates those changes and extensions of the rental period are subject to his consent, it is also stipulated that: According to an agreement between the debtor and the creditor, the guarantor’s liability changes according to the change, but the guarantor has the choice – (1) to fulfill his guarantee without change, if this can be done;(2) to revoke his guarantee if the change was a fundamental change that violates the rights of the guarantor. ”

These important provisions apply only insofar as not otherwise agreed in the original letter of guarantee. And here too sometimes the letter of guarantee stipulates a clause that the letter of guarantee will also apply to any change that the landlord and tenant will agree on, and even to extensions of the lease agreement, even without informing and obtaining the permission of the guarantor.

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