Autonomous bank guarantee and other guarantee

An autonomous bank guarantee is easy to realize.
The landlord must make sure that he meets the conditions stated in the letter of guarantee, and if he does meet them then he can contact the bank that distributes the guarantee and receive his money.

However, according to the principle of absolute compliance, the payment will not be approved by the bank if a discrepancy is found between what is stated in the bank guarantee letter and the documents presented by the landlord.

Unlike other guarantees such as ‘sales law guarantees’, which are given to those who purchase a new apartment ‘on paper’ from a contractor, the bank that issues them has many alternatives that are available to it beyond making a payment.
In the sales law guarantees, there are many conditions for the realization of the guarantee.
The purpose of the guarantee is to ensure the delivery of the apartment and its registration in the name of the buyer or alternatively, according to the bank’s decision, to return the payments paid by the buyer to the contractor.

For example, a basic condition in a guarantee that it is unilateral and the guarantor has no rights to himself regarding the main contract.

This is in contrast to guarantees under the law (apartments), in which the bank has an option to enter into the contractor’s shoes and continue the contractor’s charges or return the buyer his money, at the bank’s discretion.

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