As-is apartment delivery in rental contracts

Leases often use the term As-is. It is a legal term meaning ‘as is’. Buying as-is in current condition with all its hidden virtues and shortcomings:
A term used to describe a sales transaction in which the seller offers goods in their present, existing condition to prospective buyers (
The legal implication is that the tenant assumes the full contractual risk regarding defects that will be discovered in the apartment, even though the landlord knew about them, and he waived any defect or defect as discovered in the apartment, and therefore cannot claim for error.

The term As-is is more appropriate for apartment sale agreements, where it is a one-time transaction after which the parties have no connection. In lease agreements, however, there is an ongoing relationship between the parties throughout the lease term.

Of course, the cogent clauses of the Lease Act supersede what is stated in the lease contract, as far as included under the definition of the term As-is and do not in itself contradict the landlord’s obligations to deliver the apartment properly, his obligations to repair defects in the apartment), and the legal system Fair rent, as well as the provision of the law which stipulates that these sections of the law may not be conditioned.

Hence the landlord’s duty is not only to verify the conformity of the apartment with that agreed in the lease but also not to knowingly conceal defects in the rented apartment.
Hence, I hope readers will understand that using the term As-is in leases may mislead them and cause them harm.

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