Certain Agreement Signed

Beyond the decision and conclusion certainty is needed to bind the parties.
While the finalization of the opinion deals with the question of who the parties have undertaken, the particular principle deals with the question of what the parties have undertaken.
Here I will note that there is a need for those basic details without which the contract cannot be performed, even if the parties would have wished to do so.

Therefore, there is a need for certain aspects regarding the parties to the lease, as well as the rent and the apartment in question and possibly also the rental period.
Although the emphasis is on the beginning of the rental period and not necessarily on the date of the end of the rental period.

Thus, in case a building owner showed the tenant several apartments for rent, the tenant chose an apartment and the parties negotiated and agreed on all the terms of the contract, except that the landlord thought it was this apartment while the tenant intended another apartment.
Or in a case where the parties negotiated and agreed on all the terms but while the landlord thought that the lease period began immediately, the tenant thought that the lease would commence at a later date.

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