About us - House in Israel by Attorney Aaron Volk

Pleased to introduce myself.  My name is Aaron (Ari) Volk; American-Israeli who has lived and breathed real estate for over 25 years.

I am an attorney, the head of The  Real Estate Department at Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Firm.

The Firm represents some of the leading and largest entrepreneurial and contracting companies in the Israeli economy, public listed companies, and others.

The Firm Avraham Lalum & Co. is one of the leaders in Israel in the field of real estate, which includes a worldwide international department. The firm is regularly ranked, year after year, in Israeli and international rating guides as one of the leading law firms in the field of real estate. The Firm’s international operations include active branches and collaborations in Europe and in about 15 countries around the world, including the United States.

I have represented hundreds of residents of the United States, Britain, and France in purchasing homes in Israel.

I specialize in real estate in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; locating apartments for sale in Israel, purchasing them, a real estate entrepreneur, writer, and a sought-after lecturer in the field.

I also represent Israeli residents in the purchase of homes in The United States.

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My forte in locating, purchasing, financing, improving, renting and selling homes in Israel for Israelis and Israel real estate for foreigners.

I have gained extensive knowledge and many years of personal experience and have published large number of books in the field.

Feel free to read and enrich your knowledge on these fascinating topics.

I like to research and specialize in the differences between real estate in Israel and in the United States.

I often write about the differences and similarities between Israel real estate and real estate in the United States; Buying apartments in Tel Aviv and buying apartments in the USA is very different; legally, economically, the construction itself, materials and standards, renting houses and more.

Aaron Volk is at your service and will be happy to answer any questions and give any advice in the field that I love so much.

In the United States I have a license as a realtor as a Home Inspector (a kind of standard engineer in construction) I know all the building components of the houses.

Since I understand in depth the issue of construction both in Israel and in the United States – I know how to bridge cultural differences and adapt the needs of foreign residents who want to invest in buying apartments in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities in Israel.

Real estate company in Israel

My real estate company in Israel is especially good at of locating the best properties and I am proud of that – that I consider myself particularly talented in this craft, of locating homes with potential for significant profit. Always, without exception, when it comes to houses or apartments in premium areas – in the most sought-after city centers.

Over the decades in this field of identifying opportunities in real estate I have developed skills and senses: most often these are properties with potential for improvement – whether by increasing construction percentages, renovations, financing, branding, in an area selected for improvement, and more.

I have increased my extensive experience in the field of real estate investment and property management via a large number of books and courses in Hebrew and English.

In my first book “Every Jew Must Own a Home in Israel” I go through and advise on a practical level on all stages of buying an apartment in Israel or buying real estate in Israel of a different kind. The book is the result of decades of experience as an Israeli lawyer, representing many hundreds of Real estate transactions over the years.

In the book I detail the working with a realtor, and the engagement with a lawyer. I explain how to register apartments in Israel, what the legal aspects of apartments are and more. I also make available to the reader all the professional terms for the English language in a clear and convenient way.

In another book, ‘Renting an Apartment in Israel’, I explain in simple English all the duties and rights of a tenant and a landlord. I list the special tax aspects of foreign residents who have real estate in Israel. All as a result of decades of experience in the field, both as a lawyer and as a real estate entrepreneur